About Us

Xinghuang Asia Pacific Enterprise (Boluo) Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-end cosmetics professional enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales. It is located in the picturesque coastal city of Huizhou, Guangdong, in the industrial zone with developed transportation and beautiful environment. The surrounding favorable ecological environment is conducive to the research and production of cosmetics.

(The main products include: beauty and skin care, hair washing, facial mask, color makeup, perfume, etc.). Our company has a rigorous and upright style, with strict requirements for the selection of raw materials, and resolutely eliminates ingredients and raw materials with safety hazards such as preservatives and additives.

The advanced hardware facilities such as a 100000 level GMP pharmaceutical standard sterile cosmetics production workshop, full-automatic electric heating vacuum emulsification pot, multiple modern production packaging and automatic filling lines, together with the R&D laboratory, carry out testing and management in strict accordance with the U.S. CTFA and EU COLIPA standards, so that enterprises can conduct equipment cleaning, production operation, on-site quality control, quality testing A set of strict standard operating procedures and systems have been established in various aspects such as health and safety. In order to achieve safe and harmless products, excellent quality, and excellent results, the company guarantees that each individual product will undergo a series of inspections and analysis before being launched, ultimately bringing consumers a comfortable use process, beautiful skin, and a happy mood.

Xinghuang Asia Pacific Enterprise (Boluo) Chemical Co., Ltd. has strong technical strength, advanced hardware equipment, dedicated service team, and high-quality management system. Adhering to the business philosophy of trust, honesty, and a sense of responsibility, we are sure to provide consumers and customers with the most reliable and high-quality products.


We adhere to the core values of "creating value for our partners" and adhere to the corporate spirit of "honesty, tolerance, innovation, and service". Through independent innovation and sincere cooperation, we create value for the e-commerce and information service industries.

Regarding "Creating Value for Partners"

We believe that all units and individuals who have a cooperative relationship with ourselves, such as customers, suppliers, company shareholders, and company employees, are our partners. Only by striving to create value for our partners can we reflect our own value and achieve development and success.

Regarding "honesty, tolerance, innovation, and service"

We believe that integrity is the foundation of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite for problem-solving, innovation is the weapon for career development, and service is the foundation for creating value.